Monday, January 16, 2012

"Significant Weather Event" Day 2

We're up to about 8 inches of snow now with 6 more predicted by tomorrow night in this "significant weather event". The valley is not having near as much fun as we are (much less snow).

Neighbor Irv walked down this afternoon from his place higher on the mountain and joined us as we hiked to Agency Creek and later for lunch. When he left, we asked him to call when he got home since it's quite a long and strenuous hike uphill through the snow and Irv is over 80. He did call and said he'd "warmed up quite a bit" on his homeward trek.

All four horses were showing no signs of being cold as they cavorted in the snow. They quit before I managed to turn on the camera, but Nightingale still had a few cavorts left in her. Video here because I can't get it to load into this blog: This morning I planned to go skijoring behind Mr. Smith but after pushing a manure-laden wheelbarrow through the snow to the manure pile several times, I was too tired to do anything but watch him play in the snow with his herd. The picture above the horses is of the carriage house and riding arena. That's as close as I came to riding today.

The photos at the beginning of this photo essay were taken early in the morning when the sky was as pretty as the trees. Just now (4 p.m.) the white falling snowflakes have turned to sleet and the sheets of snow hanging off the edge of our metal roof are dripping and slipping. Our "significant weather event" may be about to turn into a slushy mess.Link

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  1. Beautiful - snow is so lovely, and your pictures fantastic! Our 1/2 inch is all melted and temperatures seems to be warming this evening.