Thursday, September 8, 2011

The California Grandkids

Kestrel, 4, and Cedrus 2 1/2, made a road trip (along with their parents) up from California to see Grandma and Grandpa (that's us) over Labor Day weekend. (Well, also for Steve's 20th high school reunion.) It was a few days packed with fun with two very cute kids. They canoed on our pond and rode a horse; made popcorn and ate popcorn waffles with Grandpa; picked and ate beans, peas, lettuce and tomatoes out of Grandma's garden; picked (and ate, of course) wild blackberries; ate home-made goat milk ice cream; hiked to the creek and waded in it; gathered eggs; fed the goats; and so much more. Below are a few of the 400 photos I took that weekend of the boys... shucking corn with Grandpa... paddling a canoe with their dad... play-operating tractors and, of course, riding Mr. Smith (that photo taken by their mom, Munazza).

But the highlight of the trip for the boys was a ride on a steam train from Garibaldi to Rockaway and back on the Oregon coast, with a half hour layover in Rockaway to play on the beach. Grandpa loved it as much as the boys.

Grandma loved taking photos of her adorable California grandsons... Cedrus eating watermelon by the creek, "riding" the lawn tractor, and wading in the ocean with Grandpa...

...Kestrel climbing down the loft ladder in the new goat barn all by himself, play-operating the backhoe, and lost in thought... likely about his next story. Kestrel loves to make up stories.

Just to prove the boys really did have parents along, here are Steve and Munazza with Cedrus on the way to pick blackberries. (Kestrel, as always, was walking with Grandpa.)

For all the fun on the farm, the image I bet Kestrel, at least, remembers best is of a steam engine, puffing and clanging its bell.

I will remember those two wonderful little boys, seen here napping together after a fun, tiring time in Oregon... and their two wonderful parents whom we enjoyed spending time with, too, even though they played second fiddle to their children.

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