Saturday, March 19, 2011

Goat Palace Progress

Every afternoon when Johnny's sciatica pain eases, he works on the new goat barn. Above he is putting a handle on the feed room door. Notice the windows. I asked for windows everywhere. The views are lovely out of all of them. But it recently occurred to me that I'll have a lot of glass to wash.

Below are the milk room windows from inside.

And below is the feed room window. How could I wall off a view like that?

Even the loft has a view. I didn't ask for a loft window but Johnny thought we needed light and he found a window cheap that fit where he wanted it. Look one direction out the window and you see the carriage house and riding arena; look another and you see Spirit Mountain.

From this view, standing in the loft looking at that window (with a construction ladder in front of it), you can perhaps pick out the wooden staircase against the wall to the right of the window. That goes up to the level of the Barn Owl nest ledge and box, which are above the window on the left. So far, no owls have moved in. Perhaps after construction ceases... or after the old barn is torn down and that nesting area no longer exists.

The goat portion of the barn is yet to be equipped with feeders and kidding pen dividers, etc. But it will be delightful when finished. Meanwhile, this year's baby goats have to put up with less than palatial quarters. One kid is playing king of the mountain on an old, unused feeder while another is playing king of McCoy. He loves the baby goats and lets them jump all over him.

The babies in photo below are playing amidst Mister McCoy's stash of toys: large sticks, bones, a ball and an old sweatshirt. Unfortunately, I'm sure he'll move his grungy toys to the elegant new barn when the time comes.

It's beginning to look like next year's baby goats will be able to play king of the McCoy mountain in a lovely new Goat Palace.

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