Thursday, January 20, 2011

Surf's Up!

Well, the surf was up last weekend... at least our pond was. I took these photos of our overflowing pond on Sunday. Johnny's overflow worked well and kept the water from washing over the dam, although it came very close. Happily, the rain slowed down and the pond soon retreated within its banks.

We hiked through the arboretum and woods on flooded paths to check out Agency Creek. Our wooded lowlands were under water but the water did not come up as high as it has in past floods.

Mr. McCoy thought it was high enough.

Thank goodness for Muck Boots!

Agency Creek was high and muddy.

But the very next day, when going out to do chores after dark, I saw something I had not seen for a very long time: the moon! It was peeking through one small break in the clouds.

There is a reason our trees are clothed in moss and ferns: rain... lots of it... seven inches in the first two weeks of January.

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