Friday, September 17, 2010

Bears Like Pears

Johnny picked the name for this post after riding his bike up the driveway early this morning to get the newspaper, as he does every morning. He found two piles of bear leavings... whether they are poop or regurgitated pears, I don't know. (Bears have a habit of gorging, then throwing up so they can eat some more.) But they are by the pear tree which is just outside our bedroom window. He found no pears left on the ground this morning. By the time it was light enough for me to take a picture (in the rain), more pears had fallen. Should I pick up the pears this evening or leave them and try to get a picture of a bear from my bedroom window tonight?

In the second set of photos, the two dark spots on the left of the driveway are the bear piles. In the last photo, you can see how close the pear tree is to our bedroom window... the only portion of our house visible is our bedroom. I can't see the bear piles from there because of the quince bush, but I could certainly see (with a flashlight) a bear under the tree.

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