Friday, July 16, 2010

Lost Boy Cave

With feed to unload, netting to sew together and put up over the garden to keep the peacock from devouring the few seedlings he hasn't yet devoured, goat feet to trim, and sheep and llamas to shear, I loaded Johnny, scope, binoculars, and camera into the car and left for Oceanside and the Lost Boy Cave. Well, I didn't know I'd get to Lost Boy Cave but the tide was out farther than I've ever seen it at Oceanside and I was able to walk all the way to the beach we've never been to before and explore all of Lost Boy Cave that I'd only heard about. Wow! What a cool place. And what a beautiful day. I took lots of pictures.

With the tide coming in, I hiked back to Johnny and the car. After lunch with birding friends in Netarts, we all drove on to Cape Meares. The bottom right photo is taken from Cape Meares, looking back toward Oceanside and the rocks I saw from the Lost Boy Cave beach. They look tiny from this distance.

My ostensible reason for the trip was to see if I could find nesting Black Oystercatchers at Oceanside. I did not. But I found them foraging on top of rocks that I have never seen uncovered before. Notice the barnacle covered rock, normally well under water, that this BLOY is standing on.

What a great day. Now to go unload feed...

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