Friday, June 25, 2010

A Taste of the Farm in June

This could have been titled "The Ugly Raised Bed Projects". The original ugly raised beds, now painted and/or full of cool weather edibles, look better. The potatoes look very happy in their manure spreader, don't they? And we are eating daily salads of radishes, chard and lettuce.

But the new "raised beds" (old tires stacked with potatoes planted within) are truly hideous. I had a bucket full of little potatoes left after planting the manure spreader, so finally planted them in tires in the chicken yard. My plan is to leave the potatoes in the tires all winter with some rain protection (probably as ugly as the current chicken protection) in hopes the potatoes keep without rotting or sprouting. The tires, I'm hoping, will keep the spuds from freezing. There is wire mesh below the tires to keep the gophers out. Time will tell if my plan works.

Notice the pile of lovely compost in the garden beyond the tires. Johnny brought that with the tractor so I can, finally, plant the warm weather garden, now that it is finally warm. This is a new record for lateness to get the corn, beans, etc., in the ground... today's project.

I could also have called this blog entry "What the Goats Didn't Eat". I left a gate open recently and the goats, naturally, went through it. They started with an apple tree, moved on to the comfrey patch, my peas in one of the green boxes, then hit the roses and blueberry bushes. Damn goats. But they didn't get everything. Pictured are some of the roses that escaped, including my "blooming poplar tree", abloom with the climbing rose "Paul's Himalayan Musk". Too bad I can't capture the fragrance in a photo.

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