Monday, May 24, 2010

Mighty Mouse Is No More

The tiny bantam rooster that literally ruled the roost in our chicken yard is gone. Mighty Mouse was boss of the other rooster here, who was three times bigger but totally intimidated by cocky little Mighty Mouse. They got along fine as long as Big Rooster didn't do something stupid like try to eat grain too close to where Mighty Mouse was eating. I wish I had a photo of the two of them together, to show the size difference.

Our grandchildren loved Mighty Mouse. He would come running when they threw him grain. Or even if they didn't. He would strut and show off in front of everyone until given a treat.

But something, probably a raccoon, took Mighty Mouse from the chicken house roost one night last week, leaving not one feather, just a mound of blood. I suspect a raccoon. And it probably happened because he was on the end of the line up of chickens on the roost, above the long rabbit cage I'd moved in there a few days earlier to house the half-grown chicks I would be bringing home from Irv's. The cage made an easy climb up to the roost for some predator.

I didn't know how much I loved that little rooster until he disappeared. The 24 new chicks that Irv has been raising for me are here now and out of their temporary quarters in the rabbit cage which I've removed from the chicken house. The new kids on the block are getting along fine with the older chickens, but they are no consolation for the loss of my little pal.

I do know that Mighty Mouse was growing old. His spurs made a full curl. It would have been hard on him if he'd ever aged to the point where he was no longer lord of the chicken house. Not that I think that ever would have happened...

Life goes on. But... we miss you Mighty Mouse!


  1. Oh dear. Dragon and I send our condolences. I dread the day I no longer have my little guy for company. For those who don't know Dragon is Mighty Mouse's brother.

  2. Oh! A loss of a chicken is a sore loss. So sorry! He was such a cutey. I think you are right though--- for a chicken, maybe it is better to go out on top than bottom of the pecking order?

  3. I don't have a pic of MM with any other chickens, but I do have a gorgeous mostly-front sunlit pic I'd be happy to email. It was taken 3-22-09 when I visited the farm with Plush Gourmet :). Drop a note to if you'd like a copy!